Botox, A Leading Cosmetic Procedure for Eyes & Lip Lines

Botox is today’s alternative treatment to drastic plastic surgery by achieving a more youthful appearance with only minutes of specialized cosmetic treatment.

Botox is a highly successful cosmetic wrinkle treatment with effective proven results attested by women worldwide. Its name is abbreviated from the word Botulinum Toxin Type A, a type of protein injected into the skin to combat wrinkles and fine lines. It undoubtedly is one of the most sought-after cosmetic procedures in the beauty business today at an affordable cost to most women.

Botox is a safe non-surgical procedure that takes only minutes to perform, handy for the working woman whose only free time is her lunch hour. It is particularly effective in treating crow’s feet, fine wrinkles around the mouth and frown lines, with an overall and noticeable younger look to the complexion. Follow-up treatments are recommended in three to four monthly intervals for the most effective results for facial wrinkles or as a lip filler treatment.

A Fast-Cosmetic Treatment with Little Pain

With Botox procedures the type of needle used is extremely fine, with only a small percentage of the needle entering the skin’s surface. The Botox injection is extremely fast, with most patients reporting no pain or discomfort at all. The absence of pain plus the simplicity of this no-fuss cosmetic treatment, makes it easy for women to return to work or resume normal activities immediately after.

It is normal there may be slight bruising or light swelling on or around the treated area. If bruising is likely to occur, it will normally appear in the first few days after treatment, but usually any markings are very minimal. Your doctor will discuss with you before-hand the possible side effects of your Botox injections as well as any other questions you may have.

Will Facial Wrinkles Completely Disappear?

While Botox is no miraculous magical formula for erasing wrinkles completely, it works by softening any existing lines by temporarily paralyzing the wrinkle, preventing the line from creasing with normal facial expression. With Botox injections it is recommended to have follow up treatments every three to four months for optimal results. Generally, the more treatments a patient has, the more noticeable the results will be over a period of time.

Like everything moderation is the key. If you look at some of Hollywood’s top celebrities, it is easy to pick the stars who have gone overboard with facial treatments. They have a distinct, artificial appearance in their normal facial expressions, a sure tell-tale sign of excessive Botox procedures.

Botox Costs

The cost for Botox injections will vary depending on how many areas you have elected to be treated. The depth and severity of the client’s existing wrinkles is another factor, which affects price. Basically, Botox formulas used by the cosmetic operator come in small vials of liquid with a standard number of units allocated in each bottle.

Cost is largely based on how many units are used in the patient’s cosmetic procedure. It can cost anywhere from $300 – $500 to treat small crow’s feet wrinkles, increasing in cost for more advanced treatments. Don’t be afraid to ask for a free quote beforehand to avoid nasty aftershocks.

Overall This Cosmetic Treatment is a Sure Winner

Before the introduction of Botox, a large majority of women had fewer options to improving and retaining a youthful appearance except with the high cost of plastic surgery, mainly in the form of a face-lift. With Botox treatments so readily available today, women can now opt for an affordable, speedy procedure with incredible results and fewer side effects.

For further information on Botox look up qualified practitioners in your area that specialize in facial wrinkle treatments. There is a wealth of information just waiting for you out there, enabling you to make the best possible choices for yourself before undergoing any kind of cosmetic treatment. Make sure you take your time to research all the facts, side effects and prices.